30 years of passion for wooden toys

Dear customers,
2021 is an anniversary year for SINA®. It marks 30 years of our company’s history. And all that time you too have been part of that history. You have trusted us, believed in us and shared our values. And for this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

From the very beginning SINA® has been strongly influenced by the toy-making skills of the Erzgebirge Mountains, with its centuries-old tradition and its close bond with the natural material of wood. In order to meet the taste of the modern zeitgeist, we are constantly introducing new wooden toys of the highest quality in addition to our traditional regional toys. The SINA product range also reflects a close connection with Friedrich Fröbel (1782 – 1852), founder of the first kindergarten, and his sets of Gifts, in their original shapes of spheres, cylinders and cubes.

After 30 years, the production of toys from natural raw materials is more topical than ever. In designing and manufacturing wooden toys we take on a high degree of responsibility for our children and their future, for the natural world and our environment. Children in particular learn from a very early age to take on responsibility themselves, when adults show them how to do so.

Today the word ‘sustainability’ is on everyone’s lips. As a company, we understand this also to mean that work must remain in our region if at all possible. Skilled craftsmanship must be preserved and promoted again, and valued more highly into the future, too.

We look forward to continuing our work together in creating a happier and more colourful world for our children in the years ahead.

With warm greetings from the Erzgebirge
SINA® Spielzeug GmbH
Barbara Seidler
Managing Director