Build us a path …


Designer: Ursula Wünsch

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28 components with plug connection in 10 different shapes.
7 wooden balls 50 mm in diameter in the colors of the rainbow.

For playing alone or in a group.

“Build us a track and push us so that we can roll …” say the colorful balls. The child shapes the path of the balls ITSELF. The components are explored as they are assembled and lined up to form small or large circles, long straight lines, curves or other shapes. Since there are countless variations, the game can always be rediscovered and never gets boring. The special thing about the game is that the balls are consciously guided along the track by hand. They have to be pushed, rolled further or even braked again and again. It is up to the child to decide whether the balls should move slowly or quickly. It is unimportant whether the runway is closed or not. If several children play together, the balls can meet. Do they roll on together, does each ball find its own way or do they want to meet again?

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