Jumping balls


Designer: Ursula Wünsch

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To support therapeutic practice for children and adults.

The game consists of a handy wooden box with a perforated bottom. Through the pane of acrylic glass we can see 24 wooden balls in the box. Each ball lies in a hole – one remains free so that we can move the balls. The balls cannot be removed and cannot be lost. Abilities such as patience and concentration are particularly stimulated. The game is suitable for a child in the family as well as for a group in kindergarten. The game has already proven itself very well in therapeutic areas. The size of the wooden box is chosen so that we can easily access it with both hands. We have something firmly in our hand and it feels good. The wooden box with the beautiful colored balls caresses the eyes and hands. The game awakens our senses – we feel, think, see, hear and create our own patterns over and over again.

Detailed instructions included.
Dimensions: approx. 210 x 210 x 60 mm.

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Weight 143 g

Light green, red

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