Small learning clocks


Designer: Barbara Seidler

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Small pieces. Choking hazard.

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GETTING TO KNOW THE NUMBERS AND THE TIME PLAYLY Suitable for kindergarten, preschool, elementary school.

six learning clocks with moving hands
Diameter 15 cm
twelve colored plugs each with printed numbers
Front: 1 – 12
Back: 13 – 0

After children already know the first twelve digits, the plugs with the digits can be arranged in the correct order and clockwise in the holes in a playful way. With the help of the hands, first full hours, then half hours, quarter hours and finally the minutes can be learned. You can continue with the digits 13 to 0 later. Because on the back of the connector, these numbers are assigned to numbers 1 to 12.

The small learning clocks are intended for the children to actively practice and learn.

Design: Barbara Seidler

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