Stacking Garden


Designer: Barbara Seidler

Delivery time 2-5 days*


For very small hands.


Suitable for crèches and kindergartens.
The pegging game can be played well in small groups.
For 1 – 6 children.

1 base plate diameter 40 cm
6 stacking towers in 3 different lengths
48 colored pieces to clip on made of wood
16 colored parts to clip on made of felt (100% virgin sheep’s wool)
1 plastic basket
1 wooden watering can

The stick-on sticks are particularly thick and nicely rounded.

Notes on the game:
The 6 stacking towers can be removed individually.
Every child gets a plug-in tower.

It can be played purposefully and with rules that the educator thinks up individually. Sort by shape, contour or color, for example. But imaginative and creative play also works well without rules. Every child can design their own flower and choose the parts that they like. In addition to shapes made of wood, colored flowers made of wool felt are brought into play, which feel completely different on the skin or with the hands. Children begin to imitate what adults do when they are very young. The flowers can even be “watered” with the small wooden watering can.

The designed flowers can be put back on the base plate after the game. So the joy of the flowers remains until the next game.
Design: Barbara Seidler

Additional information

Weight 4500 g
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