Gabe 5 for crèche children



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21 cubes 50 x 50 x 50 mm
6 half cubes divided diagonally
12 quarter cubes divided diagonally
in a wooden box with a sliding lid

Small children and small hands need big things

The new oversized Froebel offerings take this into account and offer many new options, especially in daycare for “children under three”. But these “XXL Froebel gifts” are also interesting for older children. As illustrative material in the hands of an educator, they guide you through joint activities and also enrich the children’s independent exploration and experimentation in a special way. The material was added to the range by SINA at the suggestion of the Evangelical Fröbelseminar Kassel. In the crèche and kindergarten area of the family center, which belongs to Ev. Froebel seminar is affiliated as a training company, these “Maxi Froebel gifts” have been used with great success for a long time.

Heidrun Lachnit
Head of Family Center Ev. Froebel seminar Kassel
Crib | Kindergarten | Encounter | Education | consultation

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Weight 3852 g
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