Small world of SINA® modules


Designer: Daniel Fischer

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Small pieces. Choking hazard.

Delivery time 2-5 days*


76 building blocks made of beech wood
1 grid copy film
1 instruction

Notes on the game:
“Is building with Froebel game material still up-to-date?” We have taken on exactly this question with the aim of conceptualizing a modern sorting of building blocks that follows the strict mathematical model of Froebel pedagogy as well as promoting free artistic thinking and design. The result of our development is this building game, consisting of the classic Froebel basic bodies ball, roller, cube and their divisions supplemented by: disc, hemisphere, cone, truncated cone, paraboloid and paraboloid truncated. In addition to building freely, the little ones can also design and plan exactly according to the grid. The grid foil supplied serves as a template for this. With this game variant in particular, children learn to better understand the mathematical relationships between the individual bodies.

Additional information

Weight 498 g
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